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Get Your Act Together

Theessenceofit: Invest time feeling happiness Be responsible with what you share Welcome and embrace change Let go and focus on actions you can complete Worry is a waste of time and energy for everyone Take risks and fear nothing Actions mean more than words You [are] free, your will is yours, choose who it serves Things can both take the time or happen spontaneously Nothing owes you anything Embrace...

Black and white vector digital graphic of Bob Marley
Bob Marley Vector

Bob Marley Bliss, Vector Art And Then Some Bob Marley #vectorart and then some!! We jammin' now... 🙂 You requested this... now its com'in ur wayyy We are going to deck-out this page with all things Bob Marley that we dig, you dig... Our vector art, other blissful creations, and quotes we value by Bob Marley. His music has always been present in our lives. This is a page...

Vita Artisan

[RY] /ˈraɪən/ #Ryanwbaran #RY #Baran All personal works dedicated to all friends and family 🙂 Nature and Nurture.. Love and Light... xoXOxo Designing in the wild west of Canada!

Just The Beginning

Just The Beginning "Just The Beginning" - sounds reassuring to us somehow... neverending... things need to end... don't they? A circle of ending and beginning in a constant dance!

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