Let's go!



Invest time feeling happiness
Be responsible with what you share
Welcome and embrace change
Let go and focus on actions you can complete
Worry is a waste of time and energy for everyone
Take risks and fear nothing
Actions mean more than words
You [are] free, your will is yours, choose who it serves
Things can both take the time or happen spontaneously
Nothing owes you anything
Embrace both times alone with yourself and together with others
Love yourself
Workout your mind, body, and soul
Failure is part of the process and path to success
Celebrate other peoples success
Be productive every day and rest as needed, listen to yourself
Learn from your mistakes and move
Who you are then is not who you are now
You always will have a choice
Listen more
Be aware of your inner and outer-self
Observe your surroundings and be conscious of your environment
Dwelling on the past gets you nowhere in the now and future
Focus less on dramatic situations
Everything is made of energy
Devine intelligence
Develop your relationship with nature
Learn to nurture
Let yourself die and be reborn every day
Exercise appropriate forgetting and forgiveness
You are both good and bad in perfect harmony and chaos
Invest in achieving balance and sustaining foresight
Learn to love yourself and others for sustainable health
Life is a journey
Enjoy the ride
The enemy comes to steal, kill, destroy, and never sleeps
Jesus comes to give life and the love of God

What can I say.. this is the essence of it...
- Ryan Baran

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